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YOWZA! Cosplay Contest Rules 2017


There will be a walk-on limit of 90-100. If you are participating you are expected to be there by 1:00PM on Sunday, no later than 1:30PM.  YOWZA Cosplay Contest Entry Forms, whether registered Online or at the convention, are to be completed by 11:30 PM on Sunday.

Please follow all of the rules and instructions given, and keep the back-stage and main-stage areas clean.  Failure to adhere to the rules will result in you being asked to leave, and we really do not want that to happen to anyone. We’re here to make sure you all have a great show, whether you are in the audience or on stage.


Walk-On Time: 00:30 seconds

  1. ​On the spot Costume Contest registration at the Yowza Cosplay desk will begin at 10 AM on Saturday, and end at  11:30 AM on Sunday. You may register online at any time prior.
  2. ​PLEASE fill out your online entry forms clearly, and do not skip portions of the entry. If you have a character name that is extremely difficult to pronounce, and are worried, please include phonetic pronunciation to the side of it.
  3. ​There will be no skits and only 90-100 walk-ons allowed for our Cosplay Contest this year.
  4. If for any reason you are confused, or have concerns about your entry, please contact a Cosplay Staff member.


  1. Cosplay Contest Line Up begins at 1:00pm on Sunday. If you feel that you’d like to speak with the cosplay directors, practice, or clarify anything with us, I encourage you to come in as soon as you can.
  2. ​Last call for Cosplay Contest Line Up is 1:40pm. At that time, we’ll be closing the doors and lining everyone up backstage, and reviewing the rules while seating begins. We close at this time because any later than that would makes things very confusing when we begin to give people numbers when they are not there. If you fail to show up at lineup by 1:40pm , then you will be labeled as a no-show. If you’re running late for any reason, please send a representative for you to the line-up so that you will still get your number.
  3. ​Cosplay Contest Participants Only.  Please do not bring friends along with you unless they are your stage assistant or handler for your entry.
  4. ​Please listen carefully to the instructions given by the directors while backstage. The key to a smooth show is cooperation.


Weapon/Prop policy


Weapons NOT Permitted

NO LIVE STEEL at all will be permitted on the premises. Live steel is defined as swords, knives, bayonets, cane-swords, and/or other objects made of metal, which can take an edge. This holds true regardless of whether the object is actually sharp. This includes star knives/shurikens.


The following types of guns are NOT PERMITTED. Real guns, Stun guns, Spring powered BB guns.

 Airsoft guns and Water guns are permitted as long as they are not loaded. All prop gun triggers will be zip-vtied and made nonfunctional at the inspection desk.  Please keep any prop guns within the convention space, and away from the public areas.

There are to be no explosives or chemicals of any kind, including but not limited to smoke powder, sparklers and fireworks.


Weapons and Props Permitted

Bokens, wooden swords, walking sticks are permitted, however you must never use any prop to disturb the well-being of anybody.

Fake or made-up prop weaponry (Ex. made of wood, foam, bondo, resin, plaster, cardboard, etc.) are permitted if they are safe and not dangerous to the other con-goers around you.

For example, dangerous conditions include but are not limited to wires sticking out, items that trip passers-by, clotheslining a member, etc.

If you have any questions about props, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Your health and safety is our main concern. Please make sure you have eaten something hardy and please make sure to take advantage of the water stations backstage if you are hot or have a bulky costume as we will be in the room for a few hours.
  2. Absolutely NO foul language will be acceptable. Remember, this is a family convention so lets be respectable of all the children and parents out there.
  3. Inappropriate or overly sexual material will not be allowed. Subtle humor or innuendos are just fine, but it had better be over the heads of younger audience members.
  4. Please make sure your costume covers all of your private areas well. While we do not mind skimpy costumes, there is a point when too much is too much. If your costume is deemed inappropriate, we’ll have to ask you to leave the competition. If you’re worried about this rule, email YOWZA a picture of the character in advance.
  5. Please be sure to have an handler with you if you have trouble walking, or are worried that your costume may be damaged by the crowd. We have no limit on the size of costumes or props, but we do ask that you be safe and aware of your surroundings while on stage.
  6. Fight scenes during skits are permitted, but we ask that you only perform at half speed.  Be sure to well choreograph any fight scenes to ensure that no one gets injured.
  7. No jumping off the stage.
  8. Everything that comes with you on stage MUST go back off with you. For this reason, please do not bring confetti, liquid, messy substances, glitter, or anything else that cannot be picked up by you easy at the end of your entry. Clean up after yourself quickly to make way for the next entry.


There will be no long skit time this year. Please do not go over 30 seconds, or we'll be forced to cut you short.


  1. Time limit on walk-ons will be 30 seconds each.  Please make full use of your time on stage, practicing in advance will give you a good feel for this.  This is your chance for you to show off your hard work to not only the judges but the fellow con-goers.
  2. When you walk onto the stage, please walk to the center of the stage and STOP. Many entries have a habit of shuffling off quickly and it’s very unfortunate, as it doesn’t allow a lot of time for people to take the costume in and for photographers to get pictures. Enter in character, do a few poses and hold them to amaze the audience, and then you can walk off.



We are having onstage music. Suggestions for audio can only be submitted through online pre-registration.

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